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Bureau Clearance For Vehicle Dealership Declined Applications For Sale

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Asking Price:
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Cash Flow:

Generate ZAR 20 000,00 per week and keep it growing with recurring income. (This is currently being done; please read below.)

Free Quincey, derived from Frequency.
• the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample: “an increase in the frequency of deliveries due to increased online sales"

Our aim is to have a free Quincey agent, networker, reseller, / influencer from here, known as Quincey, in every town and suburb in South Africa by 2024.

We expect each Quincey to generate income by networking with the various businesses, colleagues, family, and friends from here, known as prospects, which he/she is already frequently in contact with.
Training material as well as proprietary company-owned software will be supplied. Head office will contact Quincey every weekday for the initial 3 months of operating for guidance and support.

The goal of head office is to ensure every Quincey is successful and generates sufficient income to not only survive financially every month but also to grow. Head office strives to empower and make every Quincey a success story, which in turn will grow the company in South Africa, followed by Africa.

Starting Month 1:
We strongly suggest that you visit / communicate all of the following prospects in your Free Quincey area:. Head Office will supply you with a 1-page document explaining what we offer. The goal of Quincey is to approach prospects and explain to them that we are here to grow their business, which is also generating your income. Experience from prospect point of view must be that Quincey came to improve their turn-over!
Free-Quincey retail network: (This is for retail networking and is our top 10 prospects to start with.)
1. Health Shops
2. Pharmacies
3. Spaza shops
4. Retailers
5. Restaurants
6. Pubs
7. Clubs
8. Butcheries
9. Coffee shops
10. Schools

Industry background:
Every successful business will be overwhelmed with sales representatives pitching new products and services. Quincey comes knocking with solutions! Using pharmacy as an example, remember you start with those entities you are used to Frequent. The pharmacist will see you as regular customer and will give you 2 minutes to pitch.

Free Quincey Proprietary Software:
You as Quincey will have unique secure agency login into the Free Quincey APP where you will be able to login and view the wholesale price as well as the suggested retail price of each product, combined with the description of the product, a picture of the product and where available COA (Certificate of analysis) more product information and/or marketing material of said product. You can real time request pharmacist name, mobile number, and email address, from where you can send link of Free Quincey APP to pharmacist. The pharmacist will be able to view wholesale price with MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) and can place an order online. Ordering process is, pick products, pick volume per product, receive invoice which will include courier cost, do payment - we cover all payment options. When payment is done pharmacy will receive automated receipt from where waybill will be forwarded, and courier will deliver.

Pharmacy example:
You walk into a pharmacy and wait to be helped. While waiting you overhear the one cashier telling the other cashier about her vehicle accident of last week, her struggle with tow-truck and the other replies that they need to get a hospital plan.
The pharmacist meets with you, in 2 minutes you have shown and explained all, pharmacist can now just order.

The bigger plan:
Head office can now email and WhatsApp pharmacist, POPIA compliant, about new products and services. Head office will keep motivating prospects you activate until they buy.
Maybe you did not meet the correct person (decision maker) at the pharmacy, or you ran out of time. In this case you can just capture detail of prospect from where you and Head Office can start communicating via email with prospect. The best onboarding pitch is when we share detail of their competition already stocking our products.
Remember, first get the pharmacy you frequent onboard then expand to other pharmacies in your area.

Free Quincey Prospects – social:
You as Quincey can also generate retail price LINKS which you can post on all social media and from where every sale from your LINK’s posted is guaranteed income for you, income here is also more seeing that you will be earning your mark-up as well as the full standard shop mark-up.

Month 3, being Money Wise:
With Money Wise, a sister Company, and part of the Free Quincey ECO system. Money Wise is the fastest growing financial wallet and services Company in Africa. Money Wise income is mostly recurring, and the work is mostly referral via system.
Money Wise retail network: (This is for the retail networking and is our top 10 prospects to start with)
1. New Vehicle Dealerships
2. Secondhand Vehicle Dealerships
3. Estate Agents
4. Bond Originators
5. Finance Originators
6. Cash Loans
7. Mobile phone outlets
8. Lay-Bye shops
9. Law firms and collection agencies
10. Any NCR registered entity supplying credit

Industry background:
Every successful business will be overwhelmed with sales representatives pitching new products and services. With Money Wise it will be case of you assisting prospect with either generating new clients and income or taking currently declined clients and turning them into future sales – at no additional cost to your prospects.

Monet Wise Proprietary Software:
With one of the best IT departments in South Africa, 130 different API’s, the Money Wise is APP is the future of networking and generating recurring monthly commercials.

Pharmacy example:
Using the same example as above, except assisting the pharmacist with the Free Quincey APP to order products. You also assisted the receptionist with originating finance for her by just letting her type her name, ID and contact detail on the APP from where she will be first vetted by the APP and then passed on to NCR registered lender, POPIA compliant. When she qualifies and take up the finance you generate income. In the case clients are declined we refer them to company who will assist with all Credit Bureau issues (this is not a quick fix, but a 100% fix. Client bureau profile depending - this can take 3 months to 24 months). With the clearance you will generate income but also with the finance after the clearance. They might also take our accident panic button which will generate recurring income for you, and other VAPS structured to assist clients with what they require.

The bigger plan:
Imagine going to all prospects providing finance and taking via API (their software transfer detail direct to our software when a client is declined – no human intervention) their declines, people they would have shown the door, clearing them, and returning them. Without any cost to prospect.
You will also receive different leave behinds and Head Office will be there for support.
Just a teaser: The above is the tip of the iceberg what we do, naturally we will not post all our IP. It is for our license holders to experience what can be done and build their futures.
Scenario – Client requires bond but do not qualify for amount required. Client and spouse do have vehicles which are not older than 10 years and more than 50% paid. With our system you can now refinance the 2 vehicles over a new period and clients will have better affordability, qualifying for Bond they require. This is the information you have to share with Bond Originators and Estate Agents, from here we integrate and with no cost to Bond Originators or Estate Agent we secure the transaction and you as Quincey will generate approximately ZAR 5 000.00 for this automated transaction.

From month 6 you must at least generate ZAR 60 000.00 recurring income and ZAR 25 000.00 once-off commercials per month.

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