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Prime Auctions - Virtual Property Sales & Auctions Franchise

The chance to operate as a real estate leader in the growing South African market with a company ready to go global.

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  • Finance requirements

    Franchise Fee:
    R50 000-R150 000
    Liquid Capital:
    R50 000
    Minimum Investment:
  • Areas Available

    South Africa



As we reach the second quarter of the 21st century, South Africa is experiencing a massive demand for a revitalized and forward-thinking approach to real estate auctions and traditional sales.

Recognizing this, Prime Auctions has designed itself to become the first auction company offering exclusive areas of ownership.

We stand out in the market by providing clients with multiple real estate solutions through online auctions of the following:

  • Multi-property
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Specialized properties
  • Traditional real estate.

Non-distressed, modern-day auctions are a massively developing global phenomenon, and Prime Auctions is at the forefront of this growth.


While no business can be entirely recession-proof, demand for real estate remains constant, and our innovative approach to online auctions positions us strategically.

The real estate sector, particularly with the integration of online auctions, has shown consistent demand, providing a convenient and efficient platform for property transactions. Our commitment to leveraging technology enhances our efficiency and aligns with the contemporary preferences of buyers and sellers.

Moreover, we recognize the broader impact our work has on the community. By offering a blend of traditional and online sales methods, we contribute to the accessibility and inclusivity of the real estate market. This, in turn, stimulates economic activity and fosters a positive environment within the local community.



Franchising brings plenty of benefits compared to taking the independent route, but Prime Auctions has much to offer specific to our brand, including:

  • Access to Prime Auctions’ intellectual property contracts and systems
  • Our unique online bidding platform
  • Access to our custom CRM
  • A designated exclusive geographical territory
  • Initial and ongoing training & support
  • Property referrals and agent recruitment assisted by H.O.

Real estate is always big business, making it a highly competitive sector. As a Prime Auctions franchisee, you’ll start with a massive advantage in the skills, expertise, and support we bring you and your fellow network partners.

With our support and training, you’ll benefit personally and know your franchise partners are receiving the same treatment, so every part of the brand is operating at full potential.


  1. Expanded and sold five areas across South Africa within a single year
  2. Partnered with an international MLS realtor system, providing us access to thousands of international listings and networks
  3. Achieved record sales for two consecutive months despite a recent general market slowdown in South Africa
  4. Pioneered as the first auction company to offer exclusive geographical areas of ownership successfully
  5. Developed our own Online Auction Platform, enabling significant cost savings for our sellers and agents
  6. Created our own CRM system, offering a low-cost back-office system that is free for all our brokers and partners to use
  7. Conducted several auctions on behalf of other estate agents, with numerous auction partners currently in the process of applying to use our platform
  8. Ran a highly successful internship program aimed at empowering the nation’s youth
  9. Established a European company in the Isle of Man to serve as our European H.O. for E.U. expansion
  10. In 2023, we commenced offering our clients property management and business sales solutions.


The daily franchisee routine involves a diverse range of responsibilities, commonly beginning the day managing administrative tasks, responding to emails, and staying updated on communications from the central office.

You’ll engage in client meetings, negotiations, and property assessments throughout the day. Networking with local real estate professionals to build partnerships and strengthen community connections is also a priority.

You need to stay informed about industry trends and participate in training sessions. Given the nature of our business, active involvement in marketing efforts would be essential.

Collaborating closely with the marketing department, you’ll implement strategies to enhance the visibility of our services in the local market.

A business owner’s daily routine is dynamic, requiring a balance of managerial, operational, and client-focused tasks. It’s an approach that reflects our commitment to providing a supportive framework, ensuring your success and the continued growth of the Prime Group brand.


We offer you extensive training focusing on our specialized module for online auctions and traditional real estate transactions.

Furthermore, our dedicated marketing department collaborates on various design and marketing platforms to augment the visibility and success of our services.



“Online auctions provide us with a credible and user-friendly platform to sell property anywhere, from our own office. It gives us the means to change pricing in collaboration with our sellers, and to provide them with feedback on buyer response within a relatively short time.”

- Andre Potgieter from George.

“The robust systems, training, and resources extended by Prime Auctions have empowered me to navigate the world of auctions and real estate with confidence and expertise… The invaluable mentorship and camaraderie among fellow licensees have enriched my professional journey, fostering an environment where innovation and excellence thrive… Prime Auctions Tzaneen has been a catalyst for personal growth, opening doors to unparalleled business prospects and paving the way for sustained success.”

- Hercules Erasmus, Prime Auctions Tzaneen



A Prime Auctions franchisee requires specific skills and experience, including:

  • Character and financial fitness. You will demonstrate the ability to maintain high ethical standards and financial responsibility
  • Commit to ongoing learning, with a focus on enhancing your communication and negotiation skills
  • Possess market knowledge
  • Networking skills are a must
  • Adherence to a robust code of ethics in all business practices
  • Technology proficiency
  • Be seasoned in sales-oriented business environments
  • Have a competitive nature while being honest and transparent
  • A positive attitude contributing to a constructive and collaborative work environment.