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Thriving Clothing Brand Company In Pretoria For Sale

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Asking Price:
R120,000 Inventory / Stock included
Sales Revenue:
Cash Flow:
Under R100K

Unique Business Opportunity – "The. Collection" is For Sale!

After 1.5 years of trading, we're thrilled to present an exclusive chance to own 'The. Collection' – a business curated with passion and purpose.

Priced at R120,000, this comprehensive package includes:

- 2x Sewing Machines
- R40,000 Worth of Stock
- R20,000 Worth of Patterns
- Online Store & Social Media Accounts
- Client Base
- Influencer Relationships
- All Intellectual Property & Branding
- Supplier Relationships

Why 'The.Collection' is a Hidden Gem:

- Established Brand & 1.5 Years of Trading
‍-Online Presence & Social Media Standing
- Intellectual Property Included
- Proven Profitability

Business Origin Story:

Created out of the quest to find practical, stylish, and minimalist clothing for our own kids, 'The.Collection' has grown into a beloved brand over the past 1.5 years.

Our mission has always been to provide trendy and comfortable options for children, catering to the challenges faced by modern parents.

Offer Terms:

1. Purchase Price: R120,000.00
2. Handover Period: 30 Days – Facilitating staff retrenchment, transfers, and smooth operations transition.
3. Conditions: Both parties engage legal representatives for a seamless transaction.

Staff Considerations:

We understand the importance of our dedicated team and are committed to discussions during the handover period, ensuring a fair transition for all.

Seamstress: Either continue making the garments or use our recommended seamstress to take over production.

Our range: A few of our pieces are imported and the majority is made locally.

Financial Snapshot: Unlocking Potential for Prosperity

Current Status:

The current state of 'The. Collection' reflects a period of dormancy, primarily due to the exceptional success of another venture that has blossomed into a franchised business boasting 28 branches.

The time and financial investments in the franchise business have understandably shifted our focus away from 'The. Collection,' preventing it from reaching its full potential.


Under normal circumstances, with intermittent efforts, marketing, and influencer collaboration, 'The.Collection' yields a consistent profit of approximately R8,000 - R 15 000 per month.

However, the true potential of this venture shines through when given dedicated attention.

During periods of focused energy and resources, 'The.Collection' has experienced outstanding profitability, with several months recording profits surpassing R30,000.

Opportunity for Growth:

The dormant status of 'The. Collection' represents a unique opportunity for an astute entrepreneur to inject fresh energy and resources into the business, unlocking its full potential.

With the right focus, marketing strategies, and influencer partnerships, the profitability can be significantly increased, aligning with the successes witnessed during periods of concentrated effort.

Path to Prosperity:

This financial snapshot serves as a clear indicator that 'The. Collection' has untapped potential waiting to be harnessed.

By redirecting attention and resources, the new owner has the chance to revitalize and elevate the brand, maximizing profitability and establishing 'The. Collection' as a thriving force in the children's fashion market.

Property Information



Premises Details:

Office Headquarters:

The beating heart of 'The.Collection' is our vibrant office, a hive of activity where our dedicated admin staff meticulously handle packaging, stock take, and the seamless shipment of orders. Located in Pretoria, this central hub serves as the nerve center of our operations, ensuring efficiency in every aspect of the business.

In-House Seamstress:

Within our headquarters, skilled seamstresses bring our designs to life. From crafting signature jeans to perfecting Kids Biker Sets, our in-house seamstresses infuse each piece with care and precision. This ensures that every garment meets the high standards we set for quality and style.

Outsourced Expertise:
For added flexibility and specialized expertise, we collaborate with an outsourced seamstress, providing an alternative when demand surges. This strategic partnership allows us to maintain agility in production while upholding the craftsmanship that defines 'The.Collection.'

Global Touch, Local Essence:

Our commitment to quality extends to the sourcing of materials. While some items are imported to meet our exacting standards, all fabrics are proudly sourced locally. This not only supports our vibrant local textile industry but also ensures that every piece reflects the essence of South African craftsmanship.

Supplier Network:
To maintain a seamless supply chain, our trusted suppliers are strategically based in Johannesburg and Pretoria. This proximity facilitates efficient communication and timely deliveries, ensuring that our inventory is consistently stocked with the finest materials.

Business Operation

Expansion Potential:

Expansion Potential: Igniting Growth Beyond Boundaries

Market Niche and Demand:
'The.Collection' holds immense potential for expansion, fueled by its unique position in the market catering to practical, stylish, and minimalist clothing for children. As the demand for fashion-forward yet functional children's apparel continues to rise, the brand is well-poised to tap into this growing market niche.

Online Presence Optimization:
With an established online store and social media accounts, there's vast room for growth through digital marketing strategies. Leveraging targeted paid ads, influencer collaborations, and engaging content, 'The.Collection' can significantly increase its reach and customer base.

Product Diversification:
The brand can explore expanding its product line to include complementary items, such as accessories or seasonal collections. This diversification not only attracts a broader audience but also enhances customer loyalty by offering a more comprehensive selection.

Brick-and-Mortar Presence:
Consideration should be given to establishing a physical presence, such as a flagship store or pop-up shops, to further connect with customers on a personal level. This approach can elevate brand visibility and create a tangible touchpoint for the brand experience.

Regional and Global Outreach:
Exploring opportunities beyond the current market is another avenue for expansion. With a solid foundation in place, 'The.Collection' can strategically extend its reach regionally and potentially globally, tapping into markets with a demand for unique and quality children's fashion

Competition / Market:

Competition: Navigating the Fashion Landscape

Distinct Brand Identity:
'The.Collection' stands out in the competitive landscape due to its commitment to simplicity, versatility, and inclusivity. The brand's emphasis on practical yet stylish clothing for children sets it apart, creating a unique space in the market.

Competitive Analysis:
While the children's fashion market is competitive, a thorough analysis of competitors reveals opportunities for differentiation. Identifying gaps in the market and staying attuned to evolving trends positions 'The.Collection' to respond proactively to consumer demands.

Quality Over Quantity:
A key differentiator lies in the unwavering commitment to quality. While some competitors may prioritize mass production, 'The.Collection' thrives on delivering meticulously crafted pieces that embody durability, comfort, and style.

Strategic Collaborations:
Exploring collaborations with influencers, local businesses, or other fashion entities can amplify brand visibility. Building strategic partnerships can contribute to a larger community and enhance the brand's standing in the industry.

Continuous Innovation:
Remaining competitive requires a commitment to continuous innovation. Whether through introducing new designs, embracing sustainable practices, or adopting tech advancements in the industry, staying ahead of the curve ensures 'The.Collection' remains a trailblazer in children's fashion.

Reasons for selling:

Our other venture took off quite fast turning into a franchise with 28 branches. Our focus is no longer with The Collection and thus the business is becoming domant.

Trading hours:

Mo - Fri (9am - 3pm).

Years established:

Other Information

Support & training:

Yes. Also note all 4 employees are employed by our franchise business as well and for this business currenlty no more than 2 employees is needed and also not full day Mo-Fri

Furniture / Fixtures value:
Inventory / Stock value:
R40,000 - included in the asking price
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Home based:
This business can be run from home.
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