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Owning a business is an achievable goal. But starting one can be challenging. That is why many entrepreneurs opt to buy a franchise. The franchising route, on average, has a higher success rate. This is attributed to the fact that you enter an already-established business that has clear goals and a business model. Sometimes, no prior experience is required. Franchising has its challenges and benefits, and like any business decision, you’ll need to put in hard work to reap these benefits and anticipate challenges.

To start you off on your route to franchising, we offer an accessible platform of 1500 global franchise listings. Whether you’re interested in food, coffee, pets, digital businesses, or education, you can access multiple opportunities that cater to your personal and professional objectives.

Search for the franchise you are interested in and take your time browsing multiple listings. The site allows you to filter your search by category and price range. You’ll also have the option to tailor the type of franchise you’re interested in, like a low-cost franchise.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can request more information. We’ll require your name, email, postcode, and telephone number, but you have control over your preferences and how we securely store your information.

If you’re a franchisor, we collaborate with franchisors from around the world. With 1.5 million visitors per month, we deliver over 5000 leads to our franchisors every month. You’ll get guaranteed access to a combined audience of aspiring franchise buyers.

If you are looking to sell your franchise, we can help you cost-effectively market it, provide consistent support, and generate quality leads. We offer personalised packages that are tailored to your needs. These include the standard, premium and super premium packages. Regardless of the package, you’ll be able to manage multiple elements of your listing.

For as little as R1150 a month, you’ll have the freedom to bring your brand to life, and our site will secure franchisees for your vacant territories. If you are willing to invest more, we offer targeted email campaigns that generate excellent brand exposure, and you can select your audience from our database of 300 000 buyers.

If you are still thinking about franchising as a form of business ownership, we also have a ‘news and advice’ section filled with useful resources. These include sector-specific guides, case studies, articles from a franchisor and franchisee perspective, and ‘how-to’ articles.

Economies are always unstable, so reducing failure is an attractive option. Regardless of your pursuit, our platform offers access to hundreds of opportunities, guaranteed quality leads and, if you’re ready to hand in the keys, the chance to find the right buyer.

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