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South African Business Guides

It can be difficult to know where to start when you are buying or selling a business. That’s why we have put together these guides for you. Read through them to find out more about the process.

You can get more information on all aspects of the task at hand. Get to grips with how to carry out due diligence, create the perfect enquiry, or raise finance to buy a business. Buying or selling a business is a journey, use these guides to make sure you start it on the right foot. No matter if you are in Cape Town or Kimberly, no matter the industry you are in, these guides are for you.

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Seller's Guides

Selling a business, for most people, only happens once in a lifetime and, therefore, it won’t be a process that you are familiar with. That’s why we have put together all of the resources that you might need in order to sell a business successfully.

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Buyer's Guides

We have put together these guides in order to make the buying process a little less overwhelming. Get to grips with the best way to find the right business in the right sector and what to do once you have found it.

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Q&A Guide

Still have questions? We have put together Frequently Asked Questions and the answers to them so that you can get all the information you need.

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