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South African Seller's Guides

Selling a business might not be a process you’re familiar with, so we’ve created helpful and easy-to-read guides that will guide you through it.

We offer a comprehensive guide on what to expect when selling your business, and how to use to advertise your business and find the right buyer.

Throughout these guides, we offer helpful business tools, credible links, and expert advice so you can close the deal and pursue new goals.

Selling a Business Guide

Selling your business will go better the more you prepare. Read this guide to get yourself familiar with the steps you need to take to sell a business successfully. You need to get your records in order, prepare your business for sale and find out how to choose the right broker for you.

We take you through these processes and give you tips on how to negotiate the best possible deal. We also help you through the all-important valuation!

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Create a Listing Guide

The listing that you create to advertise your business will play a role in the quality and number of buyers that contact you. This guide will help you craft the perfect listing. We will take you through what information to include and what you should leave out. We also help you with the images you should include alongside your listing.

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Buyer Enquiries Guide

If you have spent time crafting the perfect listing and valuing your business correctly, you should be ready to handle all the enquiries that will come in. Find out the right way to respond to these enquiries.

Get informed on how to spot the serious buyers from the time wasters so that you invest your time in the right ones. You will also discover more about non-disclosure agreements and how to prepare for meeting the buyer in person.

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Value Your Business Guide

When it comes to selling your business, you will need to plan ahead and set yourself on the right path. This can be done by getting a good and accurate valuation. This is easy to do with the right professional or tool to assist you with the task.

This guide will help you to prepare for the valuation and take you through the process step by step. It’s never too soon to think about your valuation. So, take a look through this guide and get started now.

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Negotiating a Business Guide

Negotiating a business is a skill that requires meticulous planning, granular research and professional support. This guide offers you useful advice, examples, and tips on what you can expect during the negotiation process. We’ll point you in the right direction, and let you know how to yield successful results!

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The Seller’s Perspective: Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions incorporate two sides: the sell-side and the buy-side. This guide is dedicated to the seller’s perspective and will provide insights concerned with sell-side strategies, documents, FAQs and more.

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How to Sell a Failing Business

An unprofitable business can be an opportunity for certain buyers, so it is possible to sell one.

This guide will run through tips and advice on how to sell a failing business in South Africa.

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