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Selling a business

Selling your business can be a laborious task, so we've put together a series of guides to walk you through the process.

You might be wondering if now is the right time to sell your business. Or maybe you're looking for some expert negotiation tips. Or perhaps you need a little help crossing the finish line with some advice on how to close your deal.

Think of us as your expert selling a business coach. Here is everything you need to successfully sell your business.

Knowing when to sell your business

When you've put so much of your time and effort into growing your business, identifying the right time to sell can be difficult.

Whether your life circumstances have changed, you want to move on to other opportunities or you've simply had enough, timing your exit is a key factor in getting what you deserve in the sale of your business.

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Why use business brokers when selling your business?

Selling your business will rarely be a straightforward process, so getting an expert to help you will strengthen your path to a sale.

Many brokers and agents have great connections which can help speed up your sale.

Before entering into any agreements, you should always check an intermediary's qualifications and experience; that they have an ethical approach and that they offer a tailored strategy that fits your needs.

Finding the right broker will take a little time and effort but what's a little legwork compared to months locked in the wrong contract? Our guide will help you pick the right intermediary for you.

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Expect the broker to ask lots of questions about the business you are selling. You want a broker whose primary agenda is to learn about your business to be best equipped to sell it.

Preparing your business for sale

The Scouts were always prepared and so should you be when it comes to selling your business. Having all the key information organised in advance will make for a speedier sale. In addition, making some changes to your business in advance will make it more attractive to buyers.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Are you dispensable to the business?
  • Are your books and records in order?
  • Does your business stand out from the crowd?
  • Are you free to sell without needing consent from a third party?

If you can honestly answer yes to all these then you're probably in a good place to start selling your business. If you're answering no, then you have some work to do.

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Always have selling on your mind, even if it’s not on the horizon. Stay organised and on top of everything so that you’re not overwhelmed when the day finally comes to sell up.

Business valuation, how much is your business worth?

How do you place a value on your own hard work and effort? Valuing a business is often referred to as an art more than a science, or sometimes both. However, business valuations normally follow one of a few standard approaches.

Valuation doesn't have to be something to shy away from and in this guide, we'll walk you through the various methods of finding the true value of your business.

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How to negotiate the sale of your business

Negotiating the sale of your business is something that requires a little finesse.

Building rapport with the buyer before you get to the negotiation table will help you take control of the process. Then maintaining a good relationship while being personable, honest, flexible and confident will make for a smooth transaction.

Simply slapping a 'for sale' sign on your business and hoping for the best will never bode well. This guide will help you brush up on your negotiation skills.

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Due diligence when selling your business

You'd be forgiven for thinking that due diligence is something only the buyer needs to do.

Making sure you unearth the good, the bad and the ugly of your business before the buyer does will give you the upper hand. It could be the difference between a deal and no deal.

Transparency is paramount. Get advice on how to prepare for the different stages of the due diligence process in this guide.

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Put yourself in the buyers shoes and be prepared to answer the questions you’d want answered.

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