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Marvellous Maids - Domestic Cleaning Franchise

Marvellous Maids are looking for passionate and dedicated people who want to make a difference and a little bit of money at the same time.

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    Starting from R30,000
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    South Africa


Welcome to Marvellous Maids

Having been successfully running for the past 10 years, and having placed thousands of domestic workers in all aspects of domestic work, Marvellous Maids pride ourselves in being the top domestic agency in the country.

We strive to bring professionalism to an industry filled with misconceptions and exploitation, and to a large part, we have succeeded in that. Marvellous Maids have developed a reputation, not only in the Cape where we began, but all over the country, that is synonymous with quality service, superior advice, and of course, staff of the highest calibre. We have come to understand that the domestic worker sector is a complex component of South African society and that social, political, economic and cultural factors need to be taken into account. The problems with which Marvellous Maids have faced over the last 10 years, now have solutions. If we don’t know the answer we know where to find it. And if we need to fix it, we know just what formula to apply. Our advice is sought and respected.

We are not only the undisputed leaders in this industry, we created it.

The cost of our franchises ranges from R30 000 for a small village, R75 000 for a small town, R150 000 for a larger town and R360 000 for one of the large Johannesburg areas.

Your fee, dependant on the area and size of the franchise, would include:

  • Training in either Johannesburg or Cape Town (between 2 days to a week)
  • Signage, operations manuals, work books, uniforms, pamphlets, promotional material and placement packages.
  • Custom made disc with all their particular information, such as address, phone numbers etc.
  • Software which manages the data base.
  • Advertising in the local media. Dependant on the size of the franchise, you would receive car decals or have their vehicle wrapped at our cost.
  • Support is ongoing, with calls being answered on a maxi-call number and passed on to the relevant franchisee. You would advertise with your own telephone number locally.

We advertise on radio, in the yellow and white pages. We also use a PR company which gets Marvellous Maids national exposure in newspapers and magazines and on a local TV soapie. We send out newsletters to clients and franchisees, keep up to date with labour legislation, if necessary respond to clients on behalf of the franchisees, accompany them to the CCMA if necessary, and generally offer ongoing support.

Until now Marvellous Maids has been a family business, but we’ve run out of family.

Applications are therefore invited from passionate and dedicated people who want to make a difference and a little bit of money at the same time.

So if you would like to raise the level of domestic and housekeeping staff in your area and bring to it the professionalism with which Marvellous Maids has been serving Cape Town for the past 10 years, we would like to hear from you.

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